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How to close your swimming pool for winter

Many pool owners have a love/hate relationship with their pools. You love it over summer, but begrudge the time you spend on it during winter. But winter pool care doesn't have to be hard. By winterising your pool at the end of summer, you'll spend less time tending to it during winter. You can winterise your pool with a solar cover, but a proper leaf /debris cover is a more effective option.

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How much pond liner do I need to buy?

When buying a pond liner, its important to buy the right size - and its a common mistake to not allow for quite enough. For a 60cm deep pond, we suggest allowing an extra 1.2m to both the length and width. It sounds like a lot, but you need to allow for 20cm all round on the top (which is
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How to choose the right spa cover

Most new spas are supplied with a hard, vinyl wrapped cover which sits on top of the spa. They look nice, but they're also very expensive to replace - and are they the most effective way to cover your spa? We were recently given some independent test results on a variety of spa covers, and were suprised at which spa covers rated the best.

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Will a solar pool cover really heat my pool?

People often ask ‘Will a solar pool cover really heat the water?’. The answer is yes – absolutely – it will heat the water! How much it heats the water will depend on a few factors, but most people will find  that their pool water temperature will rise by between 6 and 8 degrees celcius over the period of a week.  During the peak of summer, many people find that the pool water actually gets too hot to swim, and will leave the pool uncovered for a few days, to allow it to cool down.
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How to repair a hard vinyl spa cover

Vinyl Spa Covers can be repaired if they get damaged or start to pool water on top of them. If your hard spa cover starts to get a puddle of water on the top of it, is important to remove it or rectify it straight away before it does too much damage to the foam inside. The quick way to fix it, is to unzip the the vinyl cover and remove the foam core.

If the foam core is water logged, you should allow it to dry out and then cover it with some thin plastic to make it water proof before turning it over and fitting back inside the vinyl cover. Buy turning the foam core over, you invert the curve that was collecting water and allow it to run off again.

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How do I measure my pool for a pool liner?

If you are shopping for a replacment pool liner for your swimming pool, it's important that you measure your pool correctly to ensure you order the right size. In most cases, your pool will be a standard size, and you will only need to know the width, length and wall height of your pool.

Measurements must be taken at the water line - that is - inside the pool wall. (Not from the outside of the pool).

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Can I join two small pond liners to make a bigger one?

Sometimes, you might need to make a join in a pond liner. Whether it's to turn two small liners together to line a larger pond, or to repair a tear in a liner, it's the same task. It can be a bit fiddly - but its easily done.

You will need:

  1. Natural Cure Silicone
  2. About 48 hours

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How to stop heat loss from my swimming pool

Heat gets lost from a swimming pool mainly through evaporation. The evaporation is caused by a number of factors, such as air temperature compared to the water temperature, humidity level and the amount of wind blowing across the pool water surface.

The easiest way to prevent heat loss is with a pool cover.

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Pool Covers and Solar Heating - do I have to remove the cover every 3 days?

Seriously, we've heard of someone who was told that because they have solar pool heating AND a solar pool cover, that they should be having their pool cover on for 3 days, then off for 3 days - and continuing this off/on/off/on process for ever more.

  1. If you've been told that too - you can ignore it. The only time you should take your pool cover off is if:
  2. You have superchlorinated (so you need to remove the cover until levels return to normal)
  3. Your pool is too hot and you want to bring it down a few degrees
  4. Your pool is too full and you want some water to evaporate
  5. You have an algae problem and need to reduce the water temperature /add extra chemicals
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