• How to install a new solar pool cover

How to install a new solar pool cover

First of all, the bubbles face down on the water - so make sure you have your new solar cover the right way up before you cut it - because if you've got an irregular shaped pool, you can't just turn it over!

We also recommend leaving your blanket to sit out (on the pool) in the sun for a couple of hours. This relaxes the packing creases, and encourages the cover to sit flat on the pool.

If you have trouble with leaves getting into your pool, its best to cut the solar cover larger, so that it rides up the edges of the pool, creating a sort of bowl effect. This way any leaves just sit on top of the cover, and you can either sweep them off, or hit them with a leaf blower before uncovering the pool.

Because a cover can shrink slightly, it is a good idea to cut twice. Once to give it a basic shape, then again a couple of weeks later for its final trim.

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