• How to stop heat loss from my swimming pool

How to stop heat loss from my swimming pool

Heat gets lost from a swimming pool mainly through evaporation. The evaporation is caused by a number of factors, such as air temperature compared to the water temperature, humidity level and the amount of wind blowing across the pool water surface.

The bigger the difference between the air temperature and the water temperature in a pool, the greater the evaporation and therefore the greater the heat loss. The same for low humidity environments – the potential for evaporation is increased when the humidity is low. When the wind is blowing across the surface of the pool, you increase the amount of evaporation and therefore heat loss. You know when you get out of the pool on a windy day, how much colder you are from the wind? Well it is the same for your pool.

How do you reduce heat loss on your pool? The best way is to reduce the effect of wind and reduce the effect of the temperature difference by using a pool cover. A pool cover will minimise the effect of the wind but more importantly stop the evaporation by up to 99%. The cover will also act as an insulator, reducing heat loss through the fabric and therefore keeping the pool warmer, but most importantly saving water.

There are some different types of covers ranging from chemicals that coat the water surface, to floating rings to proper fabric covers. The chemicals and rings are not as effective as a good quality fabric cover that is fully waterproof and covers the whole surface of the pool in one piece.  The chemical style evaporates and needs to be continually added to be of any benefit. The rings whilst individually stop evaporation are really not a practical solution as they leave lots of gaps which allow leaves and debris to fall through to the pool water. These eventually sink to the floor of the pool and need to be cleaned up by a pool vacuum or automatic pool cleaner. If you use a one piece fabric cover, it will help keep the leaves out of the pool as well as stop heat loss.

So remember, the easiest way to stop heat loss in your pool, is to reduce the wind effect and evaporation by using a fabric pool cover.