• Will a solar pool cover really heat my pool?

Will a solar pool cover really heat my pool?

People often ask ‘Will a solar pool cover really heat the water?’. The answer is yes – absolutely – it will heat the water!

How much it heats the water will depend on a few factors, but most people will find  that their pool water temperature will rise by between 6 and 8 degrees celcius over the period of a week. 

During the peak of summer, many people find that the pool water actually gets too hot to swim, and will leave the pool uncovered for a few days, to allow it to cool down.

Because the water can get quite hot, it is important to keep your pool filter running, to keep the water circulating. If possible, you should try to run the filter during the hottest parts of the day, to prevent a layer of hot water sitting directly underneath the blanket – the warmed water needs to circulate around the pool, to get an even ambient water temperature.

As well as warming the water, your solar pool cover also stops evaporation, which stops heat loss – so a covered pool will stay warmer for longer.