• How to repair a hard vinyl spa cover

How to repair a hard vinyl spa cover

Vinyl Spa Covers can be repaired if they get damaged or start to pool water on top of them. If your hard spa cover starts to get a puddle of water on the top of it, is important to remove it or rectify it straight away before it does too much damage to the foam inside. The quick way to fix it, is to unzip the the vinyl cover and remove the foam core. If the foam core is water logged, you should allow it to dry out and then cover it with some thin plastic to make it water proof before turning it over and fitting back inside the vinyl cover. Buy turning the foam core over, you invert the curve that was collecting water and allow it to run off again.

If the vinyl cover has been torn or cut, you can take it back to your supplier or to a local upholster or canvas shop to get it repaired. Take any straps or fittings that have torn off with you, to save the cost of replacing these. Ask the repairer to use “synthetic thread” like Polyestyer when they sew it, to ensure the thread is compatible with a cover being used in a wet environment. Ask them to check the vinyl is still flexible and in good condition before they repair it so you are not wasting your money repairing a cover that is worn out.

Vinyl covers that get brittle and start tearing without much force are likely too old to be repaired. The vinyl when it has aged too much with start to crack and you may see small pieces flake off. This is a sign the cover is ready to be replaced. Your supplier may be able to supply a new cover section that you can easily zip back on. If the foam has become water logged, then it is probably time to replace the whole cover with a new one.

Remember to use a vinyl conditioner or protectant on your spa cover. This protects the vinyl from the sun (just like sunscreen) and keeps it soft and subtle longer so you get the maximum life from it. Regular cleaning (about once a month) of the vinyl spa cover and re-applying the vinyl protectant is the best way to look after it.