• How to choose the right spa cover

How to choose the right spa cover

Ultimately, to stop evaporation, reduce chemical consumption and retain the most heat, the best thing you can do is use TWO covers. One to float on the water surface, and the the second to sit on top, across the top of the spa. This isn't just because we want to sell you two covers - in fact, most people who buy our spa covers already have one - 9 times out of 10, people already have the hard, vinyl wrapped one which comes with their spa - so they're only buying one :)

So why should you use two spa covers? When a cover sits on top of a spa (like a hard cover does), it leaves a gap several centimetres high between the surface of the water and the cover. This gap allows the heated water from the spa to evaporate - but then it hits the cover - and condenses back in again. This constant action of evaporation and condensation lowers the water temperature within the spa, forcing the spa to work harder to heat the water.

When you float a second cover on the waters surface, it eliminates the air gap, and therefore eliminates the evaporation.

All our floating covers (solar bubble and spa foam) will achieve this to some degree - its just that some do it better and or will last longer. 

So which spa cover is right for you?

Solar bubble is exactly the same as the solar covers you put on a swimming pool. They harness the heat from the sun, and put it into your spa - but this only happens if the cover is in direct sunlight. This is unlikely, as most spas are under a pergola of sorts, so are in shade. So when used in this scenario, the solar cover is really only going to serve two purposes - to reduce the evaporation, and help retain more heat by eliminating the air gap between the spa water surface and the 'top' cover.  We recommend the solar style cover for use under a traditional hard cover, or under a Soft Spa Cover.

Soft Spa Covers are made of soft PVC - and these are great for odd shaped portable spas. These covers feature lockable childproof clips, and make a great alternative to a hard cover thermal spa foam Homeandoutdoorwhen used with a floating bubble spa cover or spa foam.  Supplied with an inflatable air bladder to hold it out of the water, it is made of heavty duty PVC with webbing edges.  

Spa Foam comes in 10mm and 20mm thicknesses. It has excellent insulative properties, and the 20mm variety has a higher rating than a standard hard cover! Used in conjunction with a soft spa cover for UV protection, this cover team would completely eliminate evaporation, and retain far more heat than any other combination.