• How do I measure my pool for a pool liner?

How do I measure my pool for a pool liner?

If you are shopping for a replacment pool liner for your swimming pool, it's important that you measure your pool correctly to ensure you order the right size. In most cases, your pool will be a standard size, and you will only need to know the width, length and wall height of your pool.

Measurements must be taken at the water line - that is - inside the pool wall. (Not from the outside of the pool).

It can also be helpful if you know the brand of pool, as some brands have slightly different shaping to others. If you know your brand of swimming pool, write it in the notess section of your order.  If you don't know your brand of pool, you can often find brand specific markings on the pool coping. You can photograph these and email them to us, and we should be able to identify the pool brand for you.

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